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RideKC Streetcar Opens this Week


Starting May 6, 2016, downtown Kansas City will be easier than ever to navigate.  The new RideKC Streetcar, an electric fixed-rail public transportation vehicle, is set to open the first weekend of May. According to the website, the RideKC Streetcar will kick off with a series of parties along the streetcar’s two-mile route.

The RideKC Streetcar route will stop just blocks away from each of our KC Loft Space properties and will connect residents throughout Kansas City as far as Union Station. With 16 stops including River Market West, City Market, the library, Metro Center, Power and Light, Kauffman Center and Crossroads Art District, the new starter line is the first step in a long-term plan to create a regional, integrated transit system unique to the Greater Kansas City area. Before grabbing a ride to your favorite Kansas City spots, here are some things you should know:

  • RideKC Streetcar is free
  • All wheeled items including wheelchairs, bicycles and strollers are allowed on the streetcar
  • The streetcar will run along normal street lanes, meaning it will travel at normal traffic speeds
  • Service animals and dogs in a small carriers are allowed
  • All streetcars offer Wi-Fi
  • RideKC Streetcar was designed to complement the already existing bus system
  • You can still park your car along the streetcar route

For more information and other frequently asked questions, visit kcstreetcar.org

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