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September Pet of the Month

All KC Loft Space properties are pet friendly with no weight or breed restrictions.

Every month, KC Loft Space honors one resident’s pet with the Pet of the Month title. Residents submit their pets to be chosen and create biographies about their pets to share with their neighbors.

September’s Pet of the Month award was given to a dog named Stevie who lives with her owner in Richards & Conover Lofts, one of KC Loft Space’s properties.

Stevie Ray Bellm-Faro is a one-year-old Beagle who loves attention. She has tons of energy and loves to go to the park. You will often see her little white tipped tail up and her head down as she sniffs around Richards & Conover Lofts (not listening to Mom or Dad). She is a very happy and loving puppy who enjoys to snack on carrots, is great at snuggling, knows lots of tricks and is never too shy to say hello!

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